Who We Are


Lou has been teaching in a bilingual school in Portland for the past year. She moved from France earlier this year, where she was involved in several popular education projects, including the Popular University, a set of workshops advocating for non-academic pedagogy and working class empowerment. She is very much influenced by the works of Alexander Neill and Franck Lepage.

She graduated in Radical History and Sciences of Education, and participated in numerous summer camps, both as a kid and a camp counselor.

Her long time project is to create a free school, and this summer camp reunites many values she’s been defending when it comes to education: putting children at the center of their own education, creating a space for them where knowledge is not an academic standard, and promoting children’s own capacity to decide and create.




Amaya has 6 years of childcare and education experience, as well as 8 years of grassroots community organizing experience. She was a trained volunteer at a shelter for children in Arizona, has taught ESL classes and put on workshops around worker’s rights and testimonial narrative at Portland’s Voz Worker’s Education Project, and has worked as a teacher’s assistant in Spanish classes at Lane Middle School. She was a peer mentor for low socioeconomic status, first-generation and students of color during undergraduate school, and a mentor and tutor for disadvantaged high school students in the wider Portland area. Amaya is greatly influenced by the work of radical organizers and educators including bell hooks, Henry Giroux, and Paulo Freire. Amaya believes in the liberatory potential of education and that it is incredibly important, especially in these times, to nurture kids’ leadership, critical thinking, and collective decision-making skills and capacities. She is especially interested in fostering environments for this kind of learning and collaboration that don’t replicate the structures and hierarchies of classrooms and prisons!




Jane has over a decade of comprehensive leadership training. She has worked to develop childcare policy for organizations such as the Industrial Workers of the World and is devoted to ensuring safe, accountable learning environments for youth. In college, she worked with a youth and family community center to provide mentorship and tutoring to youth in her hometown. Now a carpenter, her most recent experience working with youth has been to teach them how to make instruments out of salvaged materials at The ReBuilding Center. Currently she is working to create a program to help houseless youth build their own tiny houses. Her primary intention in life is to share with youth sustainable tools to build their own homes, create their own job opportunities, provide for themselves, develop community, and thrive.




Eliot has worked with children professionally with the YMCA’s Y-Kids program and has worked childcare for Portland Solidarity Network and at several community events. In addition to his childcare experience, Eliot is a dedicated community and labor organizer with over a decade of experience working on multitude of worker and tenants rights projects.
Eliot’s dream is to create a space for children that challenges our current educational status quo. He draws inspiration from the free school movement as well as educators like Paulo Freire. He is excited to be a part of Budding Roses and hopes to see it blossom into a recurring project.